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Customer Testomonials:

So the computers were like all angry and I was like "Dude, that's so not cool" and they were all like "We got this man" and they like took out all the harsh and people can like find our website and come get their medicine.
--Skitz B., Founder and CEO,

Our network dude was totally wrecked and changed our gateway to 420.420.420.420. We skinned up some spliffs and laughed until we couldn't breath. It was epic. We woke up straight and couldn't remember what we did. Tokin' Ring fixed it and set up VLAN 420. We billied up again and laughed our asses off about that.
Brett S., Owner,

After a catastrophic hardware failure that affected multiple redundant HA systems, we contracted with Tokin' Ring to audit best practices. They suggested installing humidity detection units in key areas of the datacenter. The bong detectors have paid for themselves several times over. We couldn't be happier!
Dankie D., Director of DevOps,